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Our Wine

Our wine list features about 100 different offerings, each chosen by our team of wine collectors/geeks/fanatics.
Our list is also rather eclectic; selected by our floor staff and reflects what they are passionate about not what may be hip, trendy or on sale from an agent this particular month. We like wines that deliver great flavour, personality, varietal character and value for money. If we sell a bottle for $80,  it had better be twice as good as one we sell for $40. Our list is full of bottles like that. At Camille's we realize that not everyone who walks through our door is a wine expert.  We teach wine classes and any of our staff would be pleased to answer your questions - without being condescending about it.
"Wine is liquid geography. It is a product through which human ingenuity and the bounty of the natural environment are intertwined. It is a beverage which reflects the geography of its place of origin and the traditions of the people who produce it."
—R. Kung