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Welcome to the Preservation Foods Chocolate Project

Our new retail business is the culmnation of many years of research, tastings and working closely with the world's finest chocolatiers. Our goal in the Chocolate Project is to have every single fine quality artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate maker on the planet represented under one roof. That "one roof" being our selection of small-scale locally owned retail stores in Victoria, British Columbia. Through our years in the restaurant business her we have gotten to know many of the city's most innovative entrepreneurs and it is exciting for us to be able to work with them and to have our bars in stores that we have long admired and patronized ourselves.


The Preservation Foods Chocolate Project represents the top artisanal chocolate makers operating in the world today. These are primarily bean-to-bar chocolatiers, in that they work with the raw cacao bean and partner with farmers at the plantation level to source their materials. They roast, grind and finish their bars by hand, in small batches. This is not the norm by any means in the chocolate industry, in fact there are surprisingly few bean-to-bar makers out there . Much more common are chocolate bar makers who are actually re-melters (or fondeurs as the industry refers to them). They buy large industrial blocs of chocolate from the major processing plants in Europe such as Callebaut and melt it down, often flavour it and then put it into their own molds and wrappers. Nothing wrong with this process but it results in everyone's chocolate tasting much the same because it all starts out as the same bulk product. Bland taste aside, vitrually all of this bulk industrial chocolate comes from West Africa, a part of the cacao producing world that is notorious for poor quality beans, slave labour practices and horrific ecological abuses. We don't carry any bars sourced from this part of the world at Preservation Foods. All of the bars we represent are traceable to one country of origin and usually to one single plantation within that country. These are the highest quality beans available, treated with care and respect by the worlds top chocolate masters. Tasting them can be quite a revelation for chocolate lovers who have been raised on the standard commercial bars.